Pop Sockets are phone grips. They  Tilt, Wrap, Prop, Collapse, Grip, Repeat.  Pop Sockets are great for enhancing the grip and capabilities of your phone.

  • A single or a pair can be added to the back of almost any mobile device to transform its capabilities.
  • Pop whenever you need a grip, a stand, an earbud-management system, or just something to play with.
  • Not only do they make terrific phone grips and phone stands, they also make holding tablets and e-readers more comfortable and secure.
  • Sticks to most typical devices and cases. 
  • Whether you place it on your Nintendo 3DS for gaming, your GoPro for a supplemental grip in the water, or on your bedroom mirror to hang jewelry, the possibilities are endless.

Pop Socket

  • If you would like your team logo on your pop socket, simply email me a quality picture to info@playitforwardsportz.com.  Set up fee is included in price