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Teams earn points while placing in USSSA Tournaments.  Teams accumulate points throughout the season.  These points are used to seed teams in the State Tournament and also in USSSA National Championships.  The more tournaments a team participates in and the higher they place, the better seed for the State Tournament and National Championships.  




Southern Illinois USSSA will offer two weekends of tournaments, in 2022, where teams can double their points for placing.                               

  • April 29 -  May 1 and June 3-5 are Southern Illinois Double Point Weekends


Missouri will offer two weekends of tournaments, in 2022, where teams can double their points for placing.​

  • April 1-3 and May 20-22 are St. Louis Metro/SEMO Double Point Weekends

  • NIT's (3X points) scheduled on double point weekends will be 6X Points 

  • State Tournaments will be 4X Points



These tournaments are the top of the line in USSSA Tournaments.  These events offer more World Series/National Championship Berths.  NIT Tournaments award 3 times as many points as a State Qualifier.


  • Multiple point weekends (Double, NIT, State) are based on the Qualifier Points and increase from there.  For instance, if your team plays on a double point weekend and places 1st you would receive 150 points (75 points X 2).  The same calculation is done for an NIT or State.  A first place finish in an NIT would earn your team 225 points (75 X 3) and a State would earn a team 300 points (75 X 4)​

  • The one exception to this would be One Day tournaments.  These tournaments are based on the One Day calculation below or 45 points for first. 

  • Teams also earn points for Pool and Bracket wins and byes in bracket play

USSSA Points System.png
Event Point Structure.png


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